Day 15

Fri 2013/06/07

Start mile 5927.7 end 5965.5 Daily 37.75 Segment 151.2 Total 463.1

Route: Magnolia to Camden, AR.

Lousy breakfast at the lousy hotel before departure, about 09:10.  There is a strong headwind from start until early afternoon… strong enough that I rolled to a stop going downhill.  Flags flying towards me, flapping with nothing touching the flagpole. 15+ mph?

I stopped for lunch at a gas station in Stephens, AR, and had some brief discussion with some friendly but crazy locals.

The destination is Holiday Inn Express… the first nice hotel of the trip.  I had a swim at the hotel that felt very nice (first hotel with a pool on this trip). KFC dinner next door.  My saddle sores are a little less than yesterday but definitely not gone.


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