Day 7

Sun 2012/08/26

Start mileage 4941.6 end 4960.5 daily 18.945 trip 225.1

Route: Lufkin to Nacogdoches Best Western, mostly by way of Hwy 59 (across the street from my favorite Nacogdoches seafood restaurant).

Good wide shoulders, but most of the route is chip seal.

Very hard getting started. The route seemed to be more downhill than up, slight tail wind for the second half. Arrived exhausted after only 18.9 miles…

Checked in at 11:15, napped to 15:00+, lunch at seafood restaurant.

I again seemed to be quite dehydrated, drinking ~3 liters after arrival. I need to figure this out better.  Only 19 miles?  I’m not feeling very good about my capabilities.  I probably should have gone on further.


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