Day 3

Wed 2012/08/22

Start mileage 4822.4 end 4864.9 daily 42.523 trip 129.5

Route: Navasota to Huntsville Econo Lodge.

At departure in the morning, I left, encouraged that the main purpose of the trip was fulfilled, and didn’t fuss about the daily logistical details.  Anything I did from here on was interesting, but additional achievement beyond the goals of the trip.  Hmmm … did I set my goals too low?

About 5.5 miles into trip, the pannier is a little loose, and the right side is caught in the rear spokes, tearing the bag open. Repairs made on the side of the road.  Hooray for duct tape.

At the hotel in Huntsville, the crickets in and around the hotel were awful.  They were in the passageways, the pool, and a couple made it into the room.

Head/cross wind most of the trip.


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