Day 1

Mon 2012/08/20

Start mile 4735.4 end 4769.9 daily 34.488 trip 34.488

Travel: Home to Brookshire Executive Inn. Hwy 362 from Pecan Grove/Plantation blvd.

I fixed a flat rear tire at 9.98 miles in, on hwy 90A in the construction barrels at Harlem Rd exit lane (third flat this year on this stretch of hwy). I am only getting 65 pounds pressure from the cheapo portable pump; Memo to self: try to get a real air pump somewhere…

Light headwind from Fulshear to Brookshire.

No conventional roadkill on the highway, but for some reason, there are a large number of dead toads/frogs on the highway, and a weird light odor that I don’t recall from previous trips.  Whatever, I can handle it.

This trip was about 1+ miles longer the last time I did it; I must have stopped somewhere last time or done some sort of loop or something…

I had previously done all of this part of the trip on my own twice before, so wasn’t expecting any surprises.  I was a bit nervous from starting this trip on my own with no backup or support, but the fact that I had done this segment before made it much easier on the soul.



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